The Prevention Partnership, Inc. was originally founded with the mission of enhancing the development of youth, their families and communities, through education, prevention, intervention and health promotion programs. Today, the principles of positivity, power and performance drive the agency as we strategically and cost-effectively engage communities of need to nurture healthy families, healthy schools and healthy neighborhoods.

Prevention Partnership is dedicated to using cost effective, evidence based solutions to improve the lives of those in communities of unmet need.
Prevention Partnership believes the best way to empower individuals and communities is by helping them to empower themselves.
5936 W. Lake Street  Chicago, IL 60644 (773) 378-4195
429 E. Vermont Street, Suite 013 Indianapolis, IN 46202
(317) 636-1209
Positivity. Power. Perseverance.
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Our Board of Directors

Flora M. Krasnovsky, PhD; Chairperson

Guido C. Girolami, CPA; Secretary/Treasurer


Bishop Simon Gordon; Marco E. Jacome; Beverly Watts-Davis

Danny K. Davis, Emeritus; John Becker, Ex-Officio

Angelique Orr; Larry Williams

and VC League (deceased), Chairperson Emeritus.
Our Staff
Albert Orsello, President and Chief Executive Officer; Extension 16
Novella Bates, Vice President; Extension 11
Aimee Edmondson, Prevention Specialist; Extension 21
Shinette Phipps, Prevention Specialist; Extension 17
Roosevelt Dail, Prevention?Specialist; Extension 31
Cynthia Oda, Community Director - Indianapolis
Donna Harris, Administrative Assistant - Indianapolis
Adjunct Member Staff
John Becker, Director of Finance
Daryl Edwards, Director of Information Technology
Shelly Coleman, Program Coordinator
Luther Syas, Senior Community Outreach Liaison
Adam Bates, Senior Program Liaison

Our Organization Board of Directors  Staff

Our Board of Advisors


This board is comprised of individuals who support The Prevention Partnership by lending their expertise to the agency in its programming and planning activities. In their various professions and disciplines, these board members usually handle management and administrative type responsibilities. Many are in the Chicago area; however, others reside in states other than Illinois Minnesota, California, Michigan,  New Jersey, and Indiana. 


Albert Orsello (Co-chairperson); Bishop Simon Gordon (Co-chairperson)

Jennifer Artis; Janice Oda-Gray; Barbara W. Muller

Father Matthew Creighton, S.J.; Ivette Gonzalez

Virginia A. Lathan; Linda Cobb McClain, Ph.D.

Rosario C. Pesce, Ph.D.; George Obermeier

Paul Lekousis; Caryn Curry; Shellie A. Coleman; William Johnson, MD

Luther Syas; Peter Palanca; Robert Thompson

Charles E. Levy (Chuck); Cynthia Oda

Michael Mortenson; Tracy T. Johnson; Darrell (Sunny) Williams, Esq.

Donna Howard; Louis Feider; Eric R. Edwards

Tom Gagliardi

The Prevention Partnership, Inc. is a 501(c)3 Non Profit Corporation based in Illinois.

It is also incorporated in the states of New Jersey, Minnesota, Michigan, California, and Indiana.

5936 W. Lake Street Chicago, Illinois 60644
Tel: (773) 378-4195 Fax: (773) 378-8190
Indiana Branch
429 East Vermont Street Indianapolis, IN 46202
317-636-1209 317-926-5457 -Fax

Flora Krasnovsky, Chairman of the Board
Albert Orsello, President and CEO