The Prevention Partnership, Inc. was originally founded with the mission of enhancing the development of youth, their families and communities, through education, prevention, intervention and health promotion programs. Today, the principles of positivity, power and performance drive the agency as we strategically and cost-effectively engage communities of need to nurture healthy families, healthy schools and healthy neighborhoods.

Prevention Partnership is dedicated to using cost effective, evidence based solutions to improve the lives of those in communities of unmet need.
Prevention Partnership believes the best way to empower individuals and communities is by helping them to empower themselves.
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Positivity. Power. Perseverance.
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Greetings, I am writing this letter as the current Chairman of the Board of President of Prevention Partnership. 

I am a psychologist with a background in behavioral research. I was fortunate to be on the forefront of the AIDS epidemic in the early eighties. During that time I worked for University of California at San Francisco in the department of epidemiology. The program was named Center for AIDS Prevention Studies (CAPS).

We developed the first prevention curriculum for middle school students in the United States. I taught masters level research development and design at the college level. I developed numerous preventive health curriculums for adolescents and young adults. My many consultant contracts across the country have been in the areas of adolescent life skills development and program evaluation.

The Prevention Partnership has made great strides over the past twenty-five years and we are looking very optimistically to the next twenty five years. We are excited about our state, city and federal grants along with our community and state partnerships.

Prevention Partnership is on the forefront of the Great Lakes Initiative program and looking forward to working with the six states around Lake Michigan.  We envision, working together, these states and their programs will create a model that can be duplicated in other states across the country.

Flora Krasnovsky, Chairman of the Board

Letter From the Chairman