The Prevention Partnership, Inc. was originally founded with the mission of enhancing the development of youth, their families and communities, through education, prevention, intervention and health promotion programs. Today, the principles of positivity, power and performance drive the agency as we strategically and cost-effectively engage communities of need to nurture healthy families, healthy schools and healthy neighborhoods.

Prevention Partnership is dedicated to using cost effective, evidence based solutions to improve the lives of those in communities of unmet need.
Our Program Services - Great Lakes Initiative 

The Situation


The Prevention Partnership proposes a three-year demonstration project involving a multi-state coalition comprised of existing and/or new coalitions working on substance abuse, mental health, and/or violence prevention within Illinois (Chicago and Chicago Heights), Indiana (Indianapolis and Pike Township), Michigan (Detroit), Minnesota (Minneapolis and St. Paul), Ohio (Cleveland or Columbus), and Wisconsin (Milwaukee) inner-city neighborhoods. All participating coalitions will include representation from the twelve sectors of each community: youth, parents, businesses, media, schools, youth-serving organizations, law enforcement agencies, religious/fraternal organizations, civic/volunteer groups, healthcare professionals, state/local/tribal/ governmental agencies and other organizations.

The overall goal of the Great Lakes Urban Initiative (GLUI) demonstration project is to design, implement, and evaluate a high impact, cost-effective, collaborative environmental systems approach that will increase the health and well-being of urban youth in the Great Lakes Region.


The Prevention Partnership wants to serve as a catalyst, convener, and facilitator of a regional model to deal with mental health and behavioral issues within selected inner-cities.


The coalitions will have five common objectives focused on reducing physical and mental health problems, violence, underage drinking, prescription and other drug use, and youth unemployment. Additional objectives may be decided upon based on the identified needs of each local community. Per the aforementioned, the common objectives are to:


1. Reduce the public and behavioral health issues for youth in each identified local site by a minimum of 15 percent;


2. Increase the physical health of youth by enhancing nutrition and physical activity by a minimum of 15 percent; and


3. Increase awareness of participating youth in realizing opportunities that match interests and abilities in the world of work resulting in job satisfaction and meaningful careers.


These coalitions will utilize the Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) model from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Substance Abuse Mental Health Service Administration (SAMHSA) Center for Substance Abuse Prevention (CSAP). The project will also integrate SAMSHA’s 2015-2018 Strategic Initiatives. As a result, the Prevention Partnership envisions the preparation of an annual plan for three consecutive years by and for each participating neighborhood coalition, as well as for the Great Lakes Region as a whole.

Prevention Partnership believes the best way to empower individuals and communities is by helping them to empower themselves.
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