The Prevention Partnership, Inc. was originally founded with the mission of enhancing the development of youth, their families and communities, through education, prevention, intervention and health promotion programs. Today, the principles of positivity, power and performance drive the agency as we strategically and cost-effectively engage communities of need to nurture healthy families, healthy schools and healthy neighborhoods.

Prevention Partnership is dedicated to using cost effective, evidence based solutions to improve the lives of those in communities of unmet need.
Prevention Partnership believes the best way to empower individuals and communities is by helping them to empower themselves.
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Our Program Services - Indianapolis

In the summer of 2012, Prevention Partnership was awarded a development grant, funded by the Department of Mental Health Addictions (DMHA), which adopted the evidenced-based planning model, called Communities that Care (CTC).  Pike Township was one of the nine grant recipients selected to become a part of prevention-planning program. PP2 recruited 26 community leaders and residents from the Pike community to aid in forming the Pike Township Communities That Care Coalition. The coalition meets quarterly and have aided in the development of Pike Township Community Assessment, Pike Township Community Resource assessment, and the Pike Township Community Action Plan.  Communities That Care (CTC) is a community driven process, which effectively prevents youth substance abuse along with other problem behaviors such as violence, delinquency, school dropout, teen pregnancy, and anxiety/depression.  Ms. Cynthia Renea Oda, Community Coordinator, and Donna Howard, Administrative Assistance is currently maintaining the Indianapolis office. 

Cynthia Oda
Indiana Director

The following problem behaviors were identified from data collected by the 2012 Indiana Youth Survey that showed monthly marijuana usage among 10th graders in Pike Township (20%) ranked higher than both state (16.4%) and national (16.7%) usage, it also noted that binge drinking among 8th graders (15.6%) ranked higher than both the state (11.1%,) and national (7.2%). Ninety-six per cent of 10th grade students reported that families argue repetitively, and 74.8% have serious arguments.

The following risk factors listed above were linked to these behaviors, which are:

(1) Early and persistent anti-social behavior

(2) Family conflict

The following strategies that align with anti-social behavior that will be implemented in Pike Township are the Social Norm Messaging Campaign, Health Curriculum Development School Wide, and an alcohol tobacco and other drugs curriculum Too Good for Drugs (TGFD). The proposed strategy to address the concerns of family conflict is a parenting initiative, which will utilize the Active Parenting Now curriculum. All strategies are evidenced-based.

Too Good for Drugs addresses the risk factor of anti-social behavior, and promotes protective factors that impact the following: resistance skills, normative beliefs, pro-social behaviors and skills and goal setting /decision- making. TGFD has developmentally appropriate curricula for each grade level through 8th grade, with a separate high school curriculum for students in grades 9 through 12 Program implementation will consist of sessions at least once a week for ten weeks consecutively. The sessions will take place after school or on weekends

Active Parenting Now is an evidenced based video component that will be used to supplement SFP. It addresses risk factors that stem from parent-child problems and supports implementation of protective factors to strengthen positive parent attitudes and increase child positive behavior. The implementation process will begin with parenting classes held once a week at various locations in Pike Township. Classes will have at least eight families in attendances.