The Prevention Partnership, Inc. was originally founded with the mission of enhancing the development of youth, their families and communities, through education, prevention, intervention and health promotion programs. Today, the principles of positivity, power and performance drive the agency as we strategically and cost-effectively engage communities of need to nurture healthy families, healthy schools and healthy neighborhoods.

Prevention Partnership is dedicated to using cost effective, evidence based solutions to improve the lives of those in communities of unmet need.
Prevention Partnership believes the best way to empower individuals and communities is by helping them to empower themselves.
5936 W. Lake Street  Chicago, IL 60644 (773) 378-4195
429 E. Vermont Street, Suite 013 Indianapolis, IN 46202
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Positivity. Power. Perseverance.
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Welcome to Our Home in Chicago, Illinois!
The Prevention Partnership grew from an interagency collaboration involving two Chicago agencies- The Learning Network, Inc., Right Way Youth Center and Person Education Development Education, an agency in St. Paul/Minneapolis,. In 1984 the directors of these agencies formed The Partners in Prevention program. Later, the partners incorporated in June 1987 as a 501 (c) (3) minority governed community-based prevention and health promotion agency.

The agency operates under the leadership of its President and Chief Executive Officer, a 7 member Board of Directors and a 17 member Board of Advisors, five full-time employees, and over 30 independent contractors located throughout the country.
The Prevention Partnership, Inc.s Mission Statement reads:
"Prevention Partnership believes the best way to empower individuals and communities is by helping them to empower themselves. We're enablers of change. By promoting positive habits through education, prevention and intervention, we help individuals and communities gain the power to persevere."
The Prevention Partnership, Inc. bases its work on the conviction that community- based teams in possession of planning, communication and decision-making skills are the most effective agents for solving community problems. Using a systems approach, The Prevention Partnership, Inc. facilitates a process that enables a community to integrate its cultural, political, spiritual, social, and philosophical beliefs and values into a mechanism for positive change.